Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Chapter Prose

I've been adding some short prose at the beginning of each chapter in my game rules, to add some flavor so to speak. I'm not sure which chapter it will go with, but here is one of the prose pieces I wrote:

High in the Palatine Mountains, the walls of a monastery protruded from the jagged crags of granite and shale. Within these walls, Dahl monks walked along the stone floors, exchanging telepathic greetings as they passed in the candle-lit halls. They had studied the art of mind magic for centuries in the sanctuary of the mountain cliffs, isolated from the rest of Aldorus. On one occasion, however, a man braved the treacherous ravines until he reached the weather-beaten entrance. He knocked on the wooden door. Slowly, the door opened a crack and the pale face of a Dahl peered out. "I've come to learn the secrets of psionics!" the man said proudly. The Dahl looked at the man up and down. "No Humans allowed!" he said and slammed the door in the man's face. The Human, his dreams of learning mind magic gone, plotted his revenge . . .

Monday, October 01, 2007

Game Diary Summary - September

I was out of town much of the Labor Day weekend, but yesterday I was able to complete the remaining three warships and add them to the rules. I still have maybe 3 more ships to do but at least that's almost done. I still need to write the combat rules, but at least that will be fairly straightforward (I hope).

I've added three new ships: Rogue Smuggler, Daemon Raider, and a Shuttle. I've also redone the accomodations again (ie: how many additional passangers can be carried). Increased it to be more playable, but sacrificed realism some what.

I added starships to the wiki. I also reviewed and updated the stuff for starship combat that I had already written previously. I'm hoping to add that to the rules this weekend and then continue on with that section. Also, I added software info into the notes which i also need to add to the rules.

I added what I had done with combat to the rules, but when I tried to do more, I got frustrated and stuck: I hadn't been specific enough with my notes. I wasn't happy about it and kinda stressed. I also worked on redoing the game stuff on the website: i want to focus the site more on the game now instead of my graphic stories. However, I'm still deciding how to do that.

I went back over the combat section and redid a little bit to make it flow better and make more sense. I still have more to go though. ;-)

I've been very busy at my day job this week (and probably this weekend) so I haven't done much on the game.

Worked overtime all weekend (for my day job). However, I did manage to redo the front page and the game page for the website. Looks "better" now I hope.

This week i've been working more long hours but that should be over now (I hope) so I can return to working on the game this weekend.

After over a week of not being able to work on the rules (due to my day job schedule), I was able to make good progress over the weekend. I finished the section on unguided (direct) weapons and get a good chunk of the guided weapons section done. The guided weapons are fairly complicated to implement so I need to be careful I explain it clearly.