Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawl

Last night we finished up play testing the Ovid Incident.  It went really well and I’m going to incorporate some of the lessons learned into the module.  The supplement itself is much like a conventional “dungeon crawl,” but in a sci-fi setting.  This corresponds with the theme of my game system: a mash up of sci-fi and fantasy elements.  The only downside is that players are pretty much led through the adventure (on “rails” as it’s called), but the module is also telling a story and I think this is the best way of achieving that.

Besides working on the Ovid Incident, I’ve also been making changes to the Basic Rules.  Some of the lessons from play testing the adventure module have led to me wanting to change a few things in the Basic Rules that I originally hadn’t planned on.  For one thing, I’d like to review the abilities (especially the psionics).  Currently the recast duration on several abilities (i.e.: how long before you can use the ability again) is not very standardized.  I’d like abilities to have one of three recast durations: once per round, once per encounter, or once per day.  This is similar to what’s used in some of the other games in the industry, most notably, Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition.

I haven’t done anything with the Crimson Kiss (a comic script I’ve been working on) for several weeks.  Between the Ovid Incident and some non-game related tasks, I haven’t really had a chance to work on the script.  I’m hoping in the coming month I’ll be able to get back to it.

Lastly, I’ve been playing Star Trek Online lately and it’s gotten me in the mood to design more starship deck plans.  I’m thinking about making maps for some of the races in the game, like the Dökk and the Lutins (as well as other groups mentioned in my Monster Menagerie supplement).  Unlike the original Deck Plans supplement, however, I’d like to give a deeper description of each ship, especially how it’s used by the races in question.

I realize I put too much on my plate at times, but I tend to go with wherever my imagination takes me.  Hopefully I can get some of it done eventually.  ;-)