Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Talion Front: Naval Officers

The Talion Front will also include optional rules for using naval officers (x1 Admiral, x2 Vice Admirals, and x3 Captains). When included in a task force, they give the player command points that can be used to increase one stat by +1 for that round. In other words, a ship's attack could get a +1, etc. Also, the rank of the officer will determine how many capital ships (larger than a DD) a task force can have.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Talion Front: Cover WIP

Here's a preliminary cover for the Talion Front. I'm not 100% happy with the cover so I'd welcome any feedback...

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Talion Front: New Ships and Space Installations

Here are some of the new ships and space installations included with The Talion Front expansion:

Boat Tender (AB): These are support ships designed to move vessels (such as patrol boats) between star systems.

Corvette (K): These are fast, lightly-armed vessels, usually smaller than a frigate. They are used for short patrols and planetary defense.

Drone Carrier (CVD):  Smaller than a conventional carrier, the CVD carries remote-controlled drones instead of piloted fighter craft.

Escort Destroyer (DDE):  A specialized ship type designed to protect other vessels from attack.

Gunboat (PG):  A patrol boat armed with projectile weapons instead of missiles.

Missile Boat (PM): A patrol boat armed with missiles.

Patrol Frigate (PF): The same size as a standard frigate, the patrol frigate lacks faster-than-light engines. They patrol exclusively within a single star system instead of traveling between systems

Remote Drones (DR & DRH):  These are small craft similar to fighters except controlled by a larger ship.  They come in regular and heavy versions.

Strike Destroyer (DS): These are destroyers designed for quick, hit-and-run attacks.

Super Carrier (CVB): These are larger versions of the conventional carrier designed to carry a greater complement of fighter craft.

Torpedo Boat (PT):  A patrol boat armed with slow, but powerful torpedoes.

Torpedo Bomber (TB):  A craft similar to fighters except designed to carry a single torpedo.  Due to their larger size, a flight of torpedo bombers includes only three craft instead of the usual four.

Space Installations
Installations are large, stationary structures designed to protect star systems from attack. Attacking forces must destroy, not only defending vessels, but also any space installations in a system before they can take control.

Space Station:  A space station is a large, stationary structure usually orbiting a planet or moon.  It lacks propulsion and depends on its defensive capabilities instead of agility when attacked.  Unlike starbases, a space station is run by civilians instead of the military.

Starbase:  This is a large, military structure used as a command-and-control hub for naval ships in the area.  It is heavily armed and armored and normally has a complement of vessels assigned for additional defense.  A starbase is considered a high-value target to enemy forces.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Talion Front Scenarios

During work on the Talion Front expansion for my Theater of Operations wargame, I've come up with at least four ways to play:

Grand Campaign
By combining the strategic maps of both Theater of Operations and the Talion Front, players double the total area of warfare, capturing the full extent of the Third Imperium-Magna War.

Talion Front
The Talion Front expansion can be played on its own instead of including the Theater of Operations base game.

Imperial Reprisals
For a much shorter game, players can choose to focus only on the Imperial attacks on the Talion Republic that occurred after the conclusion of the Third Imperium-Magna War. These reprisals against the Tals were a result of their support for the Magna during the war.

Talion Revolt
As a "what if" scenario, players can also pit the Talion Republic against the Magna Supremacy. In this type of game, the Tals have revolved against their masters and the Magna must invade their former allies to subdue the rebellion.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Imperium Chronicles Collection (short stories)

I put together a collection of short stories I wrote about the Imperium Chronicles and published them over on DriveThruFiction. For $0.99 you get PDF, ePub, and MOBI (Kindle) versions. I'm working on a print version next...

The Imperium Chronicles Collection (at DriveThruFiction)

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Talion Front: Marauders

The Talion Front will also include two independent factions, the K'thonians (green) and Pirate Clans (black) that will randomly attack the Magna/Talions and Imperium respectively. They will potentially act as spoilers to throw a wrench into the plans of the players who will have to deal with these marauders.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Theater of Operations: Talion Front sample counters

Here are some sample counters for the Talion forces. These include the patrol frigate, gunboat, torpedo boat, fighter flight, heavy fighter flight, and torpedo bombers. Note, the stats on the counters may change.