Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Boarding Actions

My next game, in cooperation with long-time contributor Christian Lütgens, is Theater of Operations: Boarding Actions. This was Christian's idea and we've corroborated on the rule design. Here's the cover WIP.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Grunts and Grav Tanks now on sale!

Grunts and Grav Tanks (G&GT) is a tactical wargame focusing on ground combat in the Imperium Chronicles universe. The game represents individual units (vehicles and infantry) fighting it out between the Imperium and the Magna Supremacy.

Each game can follow a pre-existing scenario or each player can use resource points to buy units. These units include anti-grav, tracked, and wheeled vehicles, as well as different types of infantry (regular, heavy, and jump) and artillery. Optional rules also include orbital bombardment.

  • Large full-color map (30" x 22.5”,  divided into 9 sections)
  • 500+ unit counters (full-strength & damaged sides)
  • Five scenarios to help introduce players to the game
  • Straight-forward rules for fast gameplay
Available here:

Friday, October 14, 2016

Theater of Operations Printed Components Bundle

Just like with Ports of Call, I'm offering a Theater of Operations bundle that includes all printed components and, if you buy the bundle, the original rules PDF for free.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ports of Call Bundle

I'm offering a Ports of Call bundle that includes the printed components and the PDF rulebook. Buy the bundle and get the rulebook for FREE ($9.99 value).

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Saturday, September 03, 2016

New Release: Ports of Call Now Available!

At long last, Ports of Call is now on sale! The game lets you become a space trader building a trading empire of your own. For one to five players. Available here: Imperium Chronicles Store DriveThruRPG (and Sister Sites)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Grunts & Grav Tanks: Map Map WIP

I've been working on the main map for Grunts & Grav Tanks. Here's a portion of the overall map (each hex = 1") as it stands now although I'll be doing more work on it, perhaps adding elevations, etc.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Grunts & Grav Tanks

Now that Ports of Call is winding down, I've started working on my next game tentatively called Grunts & Grav Tanks. This game will be very much in the spirit of GEV and Ogre. Here's some WIP counters (note, the values shown are just placeholders).

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ports of Call: Ship Counters (wip)

Here are the counters for Ports of Call (although without numbers to identify each one). These are used to move around the main map as well as on a tactical map during combat.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

Ports of Call: Trade Symbols

For Ports of Call, the main map shows 81 planets, each of which features so-called trade codes which helps the player decide what commodities can be bought and sold. Below is the key for those symbols.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ports of Call: Company Logos

A big part of Ports of Call, especially if playing with others, is starting a freight company. When you do that, you can choose from a collection of 10 icons to represent your company. The symbols differentiate your ships from those of other players (and their companies). (Btw, I used some of the team colors from MLS.)

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Ports of Call: Sample Page (WIP)

I'm finally making some progress with Ports of Call. I've literally gotten more done over the last three days than in the previous 3 months. Today I wrote descriptions for some of the ships. Here is one of the pages (note, this is still a work in progress so stats and wording may change).

Friday, April 01, 2016

.99 Cent Spring Sale! (This Weekend Only)

The Imperium Chronicles is running its Spring .99 Cent Sale! All wargame supplements and expansions are only 0.99 cents for this weekend only! If you’ve purchased any of the following core games, you can get their expansions for only 0.99 cents:

For Fleets at War!

Claws of Chaos
Claws of Chaos is an expansion for the Fleets at War! tactical starship combat game.  It is played on the floor or a large table with cardboard counters representing capital ships, fighters, and other space craft.  Simplified game mechanics let players engage in small skirmishes all the way up to large-scale battles involving dozens of ships.

  • New Factions: the K'thonians and the Talions
  • New ships: battlecruisers, drone carriers (and drones), torpedo boats and torpedo bombers
  • New weapons: particle guns, plasma bolt cannons, mines, torpedoes and anti-matter missiles.
  • Full-color ship counters + additional counters for fighters and missiles
  • Stat Cards (one for each ship class)
  • Seven new scenarios
For Fighter Wing

Planetary Defense
Planetary Defense expands the Fleets at War: Fighter Wing tactical fighter combat game. Fighter Wing (and this expansion) focuses on fighters and other small craft as they engage in dogfights among the stars.

  • New Factions: Celadon Pirates and Warlock Industries
  • New ships: Attack craft, corvettes, patrol frigates, police interceptors, and sentry platforms
  • New weapons: Anti-sensor missiles (ASM), aphid missiles, phalanx (anti-missile gun), and rapid pulse plasma cannons (RPP)
  • Full-color ship counters + additional counters for fighters and missiles
  • Stat Cards (one for each ship class)
  • Eight new scenarios
For Theater of Operations

The Talion Front
Theater of Operations: The Talion Front (ToO:TF)  includes a completely new strategic map that can be used along with the original ToO map or alone. The expansion also includes a new faction allied with the Magna called the Talion Republic, and a set of enemies called Marauders that attack the other main factions. Each faction has new ships including space installations (space stations and star bases).

  • New, large full-color strategic map (19"x18" divided into 6 sections)
  • New Faction: The Talion Republic
  • New Enemies ("Marauders"): the Pirate Clans (vs. the Imperium) and the K'thonian Void (vs. the Magna/Talions)
  • New Gameplay including the Grand Campaign (combining the original game with the expansion) and the Talion Rebellion (vs. the Magna)
  • 490 new counters (full-strength & damaged sides)
  • 15 new units including battle carriers, patrol boats (gun, missile, and torpedo), and torpedo bombers, among others
For In Harm’s Way Tactics

March of the Metal Horde
March of the Metal Horde expands the original game with additional character classes, abilities, weapons, and enemies to fight.

  • Three new character classes (Brawler, Elementalist, & Gunslinger)
  • Over 30 character abilities
  • Thirty new enemies including two new factions
  • Three new skirmishes with three full-sized skirmish maps
  • New rules for expanded game play

Streets of Regalis
Streets of Regalis is a campaign setting for In Harm's Way Tactics, the turn-based tactical combat game. In a massive expansion of the original game, Streets of Regalis introduces players to the capital city of the Imperium, including three separate districts with distinct missions and factions. With this new campaign, characters can enjoy hours of gameplay in the Imperium Chronicles universe.

  • 13 New factions including 48 enemy minions & 4 bosses
  • 33 New weapons
  • 19 Locations with associated scenarios.
  • Counters and stat cards
  • Over 100 pages of content!

Note: You will need the core rulebooks to play all of the expansions listed above.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Wargame Sale

It's the Imperium Chronicles Easter Wargame Sale! All wargames (and wargame expansions) are 30% off, including:

Fleets at War! $7.69
Theater of Operations $5.94
In Harm's Way Tactics $6.99

Catch these low prices while they last!

Friday, March 04, 2016

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Ports of Call Cover WIP

Here's the WIP for the Ports of Call cover. It shows a couple of the freighters available in the game.