Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I can't find my glasses!

Since I’ve been updating my progress on our Facebook page, I haven’t felt the need to write a whole blog for quite a while.   At the moment the Ovid Incident has progressed nicely, although at a glacier speed.  I’ve completed three sublevels and I’m about to start the fourth.  I’m a little unsure whether Sublevel 4 will be the last or whether I’ll need a fifth.  Either way, the module is more than two-thirds done.

A funny thing happened after my big hard drive disaster: I had done the model for one of the main characters, Howard Wimple, which included some thick, black glasses.  After the meltdown, however, I thought I had lost the glasses model.  This wouldn’t be a big deal except I had rendered a really nice picture with Howard wearing those particular glasses.  If I found a different looking pair, I’d have to discard the render.  So, the other night I lay in bed thinking about it, and I just couldn’t sleep.  After midnight, I started scouring the internet for the lost pair of glasses.  Eventually, after having no luck at all, I took another peek at my folders where I keep the different Poser models.  Low and behold, in a folder I normally don’t expect to see Poser models, I found the precious glasses.  As far as victories go, this probably wasn’t a big one, but at one in the morning I’ll take what I can get.

Btw, I’ve started playing weekly with some friends via Skype (voice only).  Last week we ran through an adventure using the Labyrinth Lord rules.  It’s been suggested that I might want to run an Imperium Chronicles game, and I think the Ovid Incident would do nicely (once it’s finished).