Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Possible Fighter Wing Expansion Ideas...

Although I'd still like to work on the 2nd edition of the Imperium Chronicles RPG, I've also taken notes on an expansion for Fighter Wing (provided it sells decently). The expansion is tentatively called Fighter Wing: Planetary Defense Force and will, naturally, include new ships used by planets (not necessarily associated with the Imperial Navy). It'll also include two new factions:  Warlock Industries and the Celadon Pirates (Goblins).

As for new weapons, I'm looking at a new missile called an Aphid, designed more for anti-fighter duties instead of capital ships. Also, something I'm calling Rapid Pulse Plasma (RPP) that is more accurate than blasters, but with less range. Lastly, the pirates will have something called a Torpor Torpedo, a AoE weapon that emits a field that cancels a ships inertia (speed).

Again, I haven't published Fighter Wing yet, so we'll have to see how well that does before I work on an expansion...

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