Sunday, March 12, 2006


I haven’t been very productive over the last week. I’ve basically been doing the renders that correspond to the script I wrote a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t written anything new since. So, for the last few days I’ve been having more writer's block and a general sense of drifting, creatively speaking. I’ve also had some eye problems of late too. My new job involves testing on laptops and it’s led to a lot of eyestrain. This has lead to problems when I’m home, trying to work on the comic.

Speaking of my new job, I was introduced to a person there who’s involved in a No Brand Con, “Wisconsin's premiere anime, gaming, and video gaming convention.” He suggested I submit a sample of my comic for the convention. I gave him the first six pages of chapter 10 (Lt. Burke’s boarding of the Provocateur), so we’ll see if I win (or get an honorable mention or something). I’m a bit insecure about the work I do, so it would be nice to get some recognition if that happens.

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