Sunday, October 01, 2006


I added pages 9 and 10 for this week. I completed ten yesterday, or at least so I thought. I published it, and then this afternoon while I laid down for a quick nap, I realized that I had forgotten to add sound effects to the page. So, I fixed that and republished it. Since I had my wife look at it before I published it the first time, I chided her for not catching my mistake (which is one advantage of having a proofreader: you can blame them for your own mistakes). However, she said it looked more dramatic without sound effects (so there!), but I reminded her that this is the comics so she resigned herself to the fact that every page will have at least one “booom” or “zzzat!”

As for page 10, I did much of it using Bryce. This only exposed my shabby Bryce skills. I especially didn’t like the trees in panel one since they looked fakey to me. I thought about just going a different direction completely, but eventually decided on just going with what I had. It’s okay looking, I guess, but I know someone with greater Bryce abilities could’ve done better. Blah!!

Anyway, I was very happy with the second panel, however. It shows Black’s father burning to death. I really just played around for a while in Photoshop until I came up with the final product. The real breakthrough came when I applied a smudge brush after erasing out part of the image. This gives the illusion of Black’s father literally disintegrating within the flames. I hate it when that happens. ;-)

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