Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ch 4 Delayed Until 6/12!

Sorry for not updating the blog recently. I’ve been busy cranking out pages, but I must still officially postpone the new chapter for one week (now set for June 12th).

Since we had a three-day weekend, I was able to get a little more work done. I’ve completed pages 6 and 7, and completed the renders on page 8. I’ve also added more sound effects, so to speak, to the frames. I had not used that much in the previous chapters, but I felt it was required now. I decided against the manga-style of action whereas speed lines are used in the background. In other words, if a character was attacking, the background would show many lines to convey “speed” or action. However, instead I used another technique which shows “ghost” images, in this case of a sword blade, as it slices through the air. This is a more “Western” style of comic representation, which is ironic since most of the comics/graphic novels I’ve read have been manga (the Japanese style).

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