Friday, June 17, 2005

Chapter 5 Begins

I did the first few renders of chapter 5 last night. I spent the day or two before that creating the first set (which takes place on a space craft) and creating the model for Lady Sophia. As you will see, Sophia has a rather gothic/vampire look which wasn’t entirely on purpose, but which I’m okay with. She’s a femme fatale, so looking like a vampire isn’t necessarily inappropriate. Although her character is not as macho as Lucy, Sophia is still a powerful individual. One of the things I try to convey is a level of ambition in all creatures in the story, even though they may go about it in different ways. Just as Lucy uses her physical strength to get what she wants, Sophia uses her “feminine charms” (among other things) to achieve her goals. Just about everyone, except maybe robots, have some agenda or another, normally involving power. This includes the women as well as the men.

As I mentioned above, I have created the spaceship interior, but what I don’t have yet is the exterior (for the first panel of the chapter). This has been a consistent problem for me since I never seem to find a model that’s suitable. I can, as I did for the Prologue, create one myself, but I really don’t think my efforts create the quality that I’m looking for.

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