Sunday, June 10, 2007

Game Diary Summary - February

2/28/2007 I'm debating whether I should indeed include factions&reputation within the encounters chapter or in its own chapter. Since I intend to include the descriptions/stats for various members of these factions, I thought i should include it with encounters, but now i'm not sure that's the best way of organizing these.

2/27/2007 I continued writing the species section of encounters. However, i stopped because i need to redo these, making them more game related instead of sounding like a biology lesson. ;-)

2/26/2007 I had an idea in the shower today: i'm going to regulate attack/defense modifiers based on type of Mob (ie: carnivore, omnivore, herbivore). I created the chart for this; not sure yet whether i like how the numbers pan out.

In the evening I made a good start on Chapter 6: Encounters.

2/25/2007 Did extensive research for encounters: looked at different species types on Wikipedia. Not sure if I will use this or not, but I'd like to. I have to think about to incorporate this.

2/24/2007 Completed scanners and protective gear. Getting ready for next chapter: encounters

2/23/2007 Website page is almost done; Just need to create a couple more images and then publish it hopefully tonight.

2/22/2007 Worked on website last night. Created new image based on the one I did inside the rules (one showing all the races). Main page has the image as a teaser, and if you click on it, the viewer goes to another page with details about what the game will offer. Not done yet though, so I haven't published it to the live site.

2/21/2007 I basically did nothing last night, which makes 3 days in a row. Just too mentally tired. I tried to look at redoing the website, but my original plan won't work so i'll have to rework it somewhat. I've started keeping some of my notes on a Google spread sheet (like this one).

Btw, while i was doing research for vacc suits, I found that firearms can indeed be used in a vacuum. I should add a section into the combat chapter about fighting in vacuum or underwater.

2/20/2007 I wrote up some quick notes for attacks (around 8-10 diff ones so far. Basically, they'll be three kinds: Regular, Special, and Weapons. For defenses, I'm thinking about diff natural armors such as scales, hides, etc.

I'm going to add a new section to my website talking about the RPG. I wrote some notes and within a week or so I'd like to put it online. I have no idea if anyone will care, but at least they'll be some visibility on the site as a "work in progress" so people will know i'm actually working on something. At this point, I don't think the game will be ready at all until Fall 2006.

2/19/2007 "Need to add Visibility rules (and LOS) to Combat chapter. Also, need to complete abilities, esp for Psionics. I wrote the notes on LOS and Visibility.

The next chap will cover encounters (opponents). I'm thinking of having various generic attacks and defenses based on size."

2/17/2007 Completed kits. Added Forgery to skill section.

2/16/2007 I decided not to go into quite the same detail for gen equip (for things like basic equip--rope, binoculars, etc.). Right now I'm going to do the kits/tools for the skills and leave it at that. Also, I'm not going to worry about regular clothes, and just focus on clothes for diff environments

2/15/2007 I completed the vehicle desc and filled in much of the vehicle table. Next I need to go through the skills and see what equip/kits are needed for each and add them in a General Equip section.

2/14/2007 I didn't work last night. Today, however, I wrote some notes about Planet/Moon orbits: planets will be by AU (ie. 0.3, 1.0, 55.0) and moons will be #x10,000km (ie. 52.7 = 527,000km).

2/13/2007 Instead of Clothing, I decided to work on Vehicles next. I made a list of the diff vehicles for reach type (Air, Land, Water) and then started writing the desc. I will need to add Sizes for them akin to the character sizes, to help determine defense mods. I'm thinking I'll need to add vehicle combat to the Combat chapter.

2/12/2007 "Over the weekend, I completed most of the enhancements. Yesterday, I did research on vehicles. I added Medical Science to Skills and Surgery as an Ability. Also, added the Social Class notes into the rules.

I need to do a graphic with some of the weapons."

2/9/2007 "I made good progress on enhancements, completing implants and half of nanos. I struggled with the tables for these, and I'm not happy with what I ended up with. The stats are too generic, so I will need to return to that later. Next I need to do the drug enhancements, although I can use the names from previous drafts.

2/8/2007 "I completed armor last night and now I can turn to enhancements. I should be able to copy in much of the text from previous drafts, although I'll need to fill in more detail/stats. I am still undecide about adding weapon enhancements as well. I might leave it off for now and add it later.

I've been debating whether to add a social class component: basically you pick which of the 3 social classes at the beginning and it impacts your Faction when dealing with other social classes."

2/7/2007 "Last night I redid some of the renders for the diff races. I then spent 2 hours doing a composite of all the races together to show their respective heights. I'm happy with how it turned out. However, I've decided that I need to redo the desc of the Vogar: they currently are called ""friendly"" but the only poser models I have are too viscous looking, so I'm going to change their desc accordingly.

I've been debating whether to add a social class component: basically you pick which of the 3 social classes at the beginning and it impacts your Faction when dealing with other social classes.

2/6/2007 I've been thinking about adding weapons mods (increased accuracy, range, etc). Not sure if I'd add them as part of the weapons section or under enhancements. I thought of adding a section called "Protective Clothing." It would include: Vacc Suit, Vacc Patch, Oxygen tanks, rebreather, cold weather suit, desert ("water") suit.

For the vacc patch, basically, whenever a vacc suit is hit that hit causes a leak that must be patched before a certain # of rounds elapse, otherwise character begins to take damage (DoT)

2/5/2007 Tried to work, but I was too tired in the evening. Couldn't concentrate at all.

2/4/2007 Finished melee weapon desc, and started armor. Realized that I had not included personal force field proficiency as an ability. I will need to remember to add this.

2/3/2007 Finished ranged weapon descriptions for Ch 5: Gear

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