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Game Diary Summary - March

3/30/2007 I've taken some notes on poisons (and will add that to the Gear chapter). I also put in some stubs for some faction member examples. I decided to keep ones that I don't have examples for. However, i decided to remove the Fur Is Murder Bregades. I just didn't feel right about using them.

3/29/2007 Yesterday I put a posting (similar to the one on on another game forum (RPGnet). This time, I've gotten a lot more views, so I'm happy about that.

I wrote a few notes about Factions/Reputation, about agendas etc. I had written some notes about NPC motivations, and that got me thinking about how that relates to how factions work. Basically, a faction's agenda dictates its motivations/actions. Also, I'm very interested in the idea that there is no good or evil, just people with conflicting agendas, so I wrote a little about that too.

3/28/2007 Nothing done last night. I'll try again tonight.

3/27/2007 I started a section about NPCs at the end of Chapter 6, but not much else. I looked at the chapters I've done so far and it looks like I have 3-4 more chapters to go. The last chapter may be a sample adventure, or perhaps mission ideas.

3/26/2007 After a slow start, I got a lot done over the weekend. I added descriptions for the different types of Ghul and Jotuns, and then added those to the Wiki. I also added the section on Factions & Reputation, although I'm needing to fine tune that. I also added two new types of elemental resistance: acid and sonic. I wasn't sure about sonic, but it will allow me to add sonic weapons and maybe some creature attacks.

For factions, I will remove some of them and focus on the ones I will have examples for. I want to reduce my workload a little since things are taking a lot of time and I'd like to have a beta draft in another couple of months.

I need to add default racial traits such as Scent for Vogar and Aqute Hearing for the Akiak (and claw attacks).

At the end of the Encounters chapter, I think I'll add a section NonPlayer Characters and Notable NPCs.

3/22/2007 I created an entry for King Rats and put in some stubs for a few of the minor races. I will need to go back and fill those in.

3/21/2007 I added the creatures I have done so far to the wiki. I also took some notes for the Mutant section, identifying some creature ideas.

Over lunch, I had the bright idea of linking the creatures that appear in my stories from the wiki to the page of the story where they appear. For example, I liked the wiki info on the tubby wubbies to the page in Alexander the Prince where they first appear.

3/20/2007 Last night I added the XP information to the first chapter. I also added another creature to Chapter 6. As I was adding another creature, I realized that I wasn't calculating the Def mod correctly (which is impacted by two different tables, not just one). I'm a little concerned that the system I've created for creatures doesn't give enough variety. Not sure what I should do about that.

I would like to start organizing creatures in ranges of levels (ie: XP Level 1-5, 6-10, etc), referring to them as Tiers). I want to make sure that I'm not neglecting one tier over another (so there'll be a good selection of mobs per tier).

3/19/2007 Very good progress over the weekend: entered 8-9 creatures incl. 3 renders. Discovered I haven't yet included info on XP. Not sure how to proceed with that (where to put it).

3/15/2007 I wasn't able to work on the game last night since my eyes were all dilated from an eye appointment. However, I had done some work during the day so it wasn't a total loss. I had created a new creature idea called the Breeder that gives birth to young which it then throws at opponents. The young then attack the opponent. I also wrote some brief notes on the VoidSpawn, giving some background.

Btw, the posting I put on the Pen&Paper forum has gone largely unnoticed and unread. I will have to find other ways to raise awareness.

3/14/2007 I completed the wiki (as far as the current imperium databank stuff goes) and linked it to the main site. Now that I'm hopefully done procrastinating, I can indeed work on the rules.

3/13/2007 Made very good progress last night with Wiki. I'm mostly done with the skin and I created a new logo (based on the old Imperium Online logo). Of course, I need to stop working on the wiki and turn back to working on rules so I have something to actually put IN the wiki. ;-)

3/12/2007 I installed MediaWiki on Friday night. It's going to take me awhile though to see if it's going to work for me. It has its own markup language etc. -- I've taken a look at the markup and it's actually pretty straightforward. I did the About page, using links, etc. and it was pretty easy. ;-)

I didn't get as much done in the rules as I would've liked. However, I did start on the abilities.

I was playing around with the "skin" for wiki. I've made progress so I'm happy with it.
3/9/2007 I posted a message and link about the game on a pen&paper forum ( Don't know if it will increase awareness at all, but I guess it can't hurt.

3/8/2007 I was able to add the rework of attacks to the rules. It seems to look okay. I'm getting close to being able to start on creature examples; over the last several days I've created several sample ideas (although they're not fleshed out yet).

3/7/2007 I was too tired last night to work on the game. Hopefully tonight I'll have better luck.

Today I wrote some notes on the rework of attacks (see previous post). I think it works better so I'm happy with it. I'm thinking about adding so-called Minor races as their own category, perhaps under Factions. For example, some factions might be by minor race while others might be by organization, etc.

3/6/2007 I ran into a roadblock last night working on Attacks. It wasn't comprehensive or universal enough, so I tried to fix it but just got frustrated. Lying in bed, I came up with an idea that I'll try to flesh out today when I have time. Basically, I will split it up into "Attack Type" (Melee/Ranged) and "Weapon Type" (Natural/Manufactured).

3/5/2007 Over the weekend, I got a lot done for the Encounters chapter. I finished the species and then went on to hit dice and a couple of tables. Doesn't sound like much, but it took awhile to get done. However, I'm left with some feelings that it's not good enough. I think I'm just my usual insecurity.

On Friday I started creating some new sample creatures, including two "ironic" ones: the Fire Fox and the MicroSloth. The latter was actually suggested by Jeff, my boss, and then I ran with it (writing the desc etc.). However, I still have several more that I need to write.

The more I think about it, the more I think I'll fold the faction guys into the regular creatures. In other words, instead of having a separate section for playable race "creatures", I'm thinking I'll simply put them with everyone else. Of course, that also opens up whether I should do the same with robots also. Sigh. So many design decisions to make!

3/2/2007 Last night I finished redoing the species, although I still need to do Fungi and Exotic (which I forgot!). Also, I need to add stuff on creature's speed: I plan to divide them by size and speed (slow, average, fast) and by type of locomotion (wings, legs, fins, etc). I won't be going out of town this weekend, so I should hopefully get more stuff done.

On second thought, I decided (for speed) to just go by type of locomotion and speed (v. slow, slow, av, fast, v. fast) to simplify it. GM will need to decide if size of creature matters and incorporate that into the speed.

3/1/2007 Last night I started redoing the species section, but I got chased off the computer by some bad thunderstorms. However, what i did get done wasn't bad.

I mentioned before about adding a wiki to the website. I think I will use that to replace the "databank" pages I currently use. That way, I can use the wiki for both game info and also general Imperium universe info.

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