Monday, July 11, 2005 - Self-publishing Site

There’s a great website called for self-publishing, whether books, ebooks, CDs, etc. I’ve wanted to publish the comic in hard copy form, but haven’t known of a low-cost way of doing so until I heard about this site. I also didn’t think I could use the images from the website due to the resolution (which would’ve meant redoing all the post work for each page). I had done the resolution at 72 dpi/ppi, which is fine for viewing on the computer screen, but too low to be viable in print form (at least at the image size similar to the one on the site). However, after doing additional research, I found a way to resample the photoshop images, thus increasing the resolution and keeping the size. Anyway, using my new knowledge, I converted the images and put them into print form using the lulu website. After I finished, I ordered a copy for myself so I can confirm whether it’s presentable or not. If it is, I’ll put it out there for sale (either as a download or a bound copy).

Of course, I was also working on the current chapter of the comic this weekend. This was an exercise in frustration, however. Nevertheless, I completed the renders and most of the post work for page 8. I’ve also removed some of the models from the set (those characters left the room basically), so I think the remaining pages should take less time (or at least less frustration). Since I had scheduled the publishing of chapter 5 for this coming weekend, I have several more pages to complete in a short amount of time. However, if need be, I’ll simply postpone publication for a few days into next week. I don’t think that it will be more than that.

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