Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Four Day Weekend!

I had a four day weekend, so I used that time to work on the comic. I finished four pages (7-10) and I think I only have one more before I’ll be done with the chapter. This leaves me several days ahead of schedule so I might be able to publish before the weekend. This hasn’t been the easiest chapter in the world due to the lack of action, so at times I’ve had trouble getting “into” what I was doing. I’m hopeful the next chapter will be different since I plan a decent amount of fighting. I’ve even added an additional fight that I hadn’t originally planned on, just to give it a little more “kick.”

I haven’t done very much at all on the RPG over the last week. I’ve been procrastinating for no good reason. Once I decided to go ahead and include space combat in the game, I’ve been stuck with writer’s block, even for sections that have nothing to do with space combat. It’s weird how I get writers block sometimes. It’s like I feel paralyzed. However, it’s time to stop complaining and get to work! ;-)

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