Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Captain Harrison

I’ve finished pages 1 and 2, and half the renders on 3. After completing the renders on the first page, I realized that the set was rather drab (especially considering it’s the only set I plan to use). I decided to buy some vines to dress the set; however, I quickly discovered this would be a nightmare from a render time standpoint. Instead, I decided to render the vines separately and add them in Photoshop. So, all of the vines you see in this chapter will have been added post-render. My only concern about this is making sure there is continuity between panels.

By the way, although I didn’t name him in Chapter 6, I decided to name the Captain after my cat Harrison. I also updated the Character page to reflect that. Since both are gray tabbies, I figured it fit. ;-)

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