Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Chapter 7 Started

I’ve begun work on chapter 7. Although I may change my mind, I believe the entire chapter will take place on a single set, namely a courtyard at Isabella’s palace on Revenna. It’s a stone courtyard with an almost medieval look, but to add contrast I’ve placed a skycar (as seen in chapter 2) in the middle of it. I’ve always liked the idea of old versus new, or low tech with high tech.

The chapter will be split into three basic parts: an introductory conversation between the Empress and one of our consorts, then the Empress and Alexander, and finally the Empress, Alexander, and Richard. Like chapter 5, this chapter is essentially a bridge setting up the action in the next few chapters.

Over the weekend, I managed to make some progress on the role-playing game, although I was feeling a bit overwhelmed for part of the time. Nevertheless, I finally got my act together and added some important content. I’m still months away from being done, but at least I’m relatively happy with the direction I’m currently going with it.

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