Thursday, December 01, 2005

Humans Suck: Long Live Robots!

Page 4 is almost complete: just the post work remains. I haven’t been able to do much over the last couple of days due to my work schedule, which has been pretty intense lately.

As some of you may know (such as by reading the bio section), I worked at turning Imperium Online into a MMORPG for two years before abandoning that idea and starting the web comic. Since quitting the game, however, I have suffered sporadic dreams of again turning my vision into an online game. This would be a terrible idea for several reasons, which is why I always chide myself for having these thoughts. Today, I came across a post mortem by Radu Privantu who wrote about a MMORPG he created. Although programming has its own headaches, I found that most of his issues were created by the people playing the game, including cheating and other hacks. Considering my love-hate relationship with Humanity, reading things like this post mortem will hopefully keep my game development dreams in check for a while longer.

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