Monday, November 28, 2005

Chapter 9 Started

Over the four day Thanksgiving holiday, I was able to finish the first three pages of chapter 9. The beginning takes place on the bridge of the Provocateur, which was first shown at the very end of chapter 6. However, for the current chapter, I actually reduced the overall size of the set so I could remove some extra figures (instrumentation, etc.) that might slow down render times. Since none of that was shown in the chapter 6 render, I have the luxury of making the changes now.

I also did enough renders for a preview for chapter 9, which I uploaded to the website. I put the estimated publish date for January 8th, although I’m hopeful I can get it done sooner. However, since I’ll be out of town due to the Christmas holiday at the end of December, I wanted to hedge my bets a little and give myself more time if necessary.

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