Friday, November 04, 2005

Andromeda Galaxy

I’ve completed the renders for page 8, and I’ll try to finish the post work tonight, or perhaps start on page 9. I have two vacation days next week that I hope to use for the comic unless my wife wants us to go somewhere (yes, it’s all her fault!).

Speaking of my wife, awhile back she asked me where the humans featured in the story actually come from (and how they relate to Earth). This is the sort of question people like me dread because I hadn’t really thought about it. I preferred to think of them as totally separate from us, sort of in their own parallel universe. Although I’m still leaning that way, I decide this morning that the Imperium is located in the Andromeda Galaxy (approximately 2.9 million light years from the Milky Way). I really don’t know if I’ll even mention that in the story (now or ever), but at least it opens the door to ideas that maybe the humans of the Imperium were taken from Earth at some point (or vise versa) and moved to that far away galaxy, for reasons unknown.

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