Monday, November 14, 2005

Enter Maal-Bok

I completed page 11 and the renders on 12 over the weekend. I should only have one more page before being done with the chapter. This means I should publish chapter 8 within the next few days (the weekend at the latest).

For pages 11 and 12, I was using the third set of the chapter (inside Lord Tycho’s manor). I used Stonemason’s gothic construction kit with one of the additional skins that you can get with it. When I started doing the renders however (after the set was finished), I was not happy with how it looked, so I went back to the original textures. I’m still not 100% happy with how the walls react to the lighting, but it’s close enough.

Page 11 also introduces a new character, Maal-Bok. He is important, because of what he could represent in the plot (a possible escalation?). He’s also bad-ass looking which always helps.

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