Monday, January 23, 2006


I completed the renders for pages 3 and 4, and largely finished building the set that will appear starting on page 5.

For the shots showing the Gorgon, I’ve been using Bryce for the renders and combining those with the normal Poser renders in Photoshop. While working on one of these, which included the Provocateur, my wife suggested that the pirate ship didn’t look very good. Of course, I created the Provocateur early on for the Prologue, so I was still a little new to the whole thing. However, I still think it looks okay. On the other hand, the model for the Gorgon clearly looks better, or at least more imposing. For much of the story, the pirate ship has had the role of attacker and dominator, but on page 3 of this chapter the Gorgon is looming over the Provocateur, thus reversing the pirate’s previous role. In other words, the old adage: “the hunter has now become the hunted.”

In chapter 4, while Master Shakkar is reminiscing about how the Imperium attacked his home planet, we see a shot of Imperial troops in action. For Lt. Burke’s boarding party, I’m using not only the same soldier models as shown in chapter 4, but also the same landing ship and BFG (the so-called Big F*cking Gun). The BFG originated in the Doom series of video games, although it’s been adopted elsewhere since then. For those familiar with it, I’m hoping the BFG will at least garner a chuckle for this story.

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