Monday, April 03, 2006

Chapter 12 Begun

I began work on Chapter 12 last week and did the first render over the weekend. The chapter begins with an external shot of Lucy’s dojo somewhere on Aldorus. I had actually a lot of trouble with this shot for some reason. I used one of the wilderness sets that I had and plopped in the dojo set on top of it. However, I had to try several renders before getting the lighting and color the way I wanted. Also, I added some additional grass props to help conceal the transition lines. The wilderness set has a backdrop and then the so-called ground. However, because the two don’t match up perfectly, there’s a visible line where the two meet. To help reduce the visibility of this transition, I simply put a prop of some wild grass in front of the line, giving the eye the illusion that the two are a single entity. Also, I put another section of grass in front of the dojo where it sits on the ground. Again, this gives a more natural look to the overall render.

I will start doing the rest of page one tonight. I wrote a few lines to get me started and I hope to write more later. Once inside the dojo, we see Lefty Lucy sitting at a Japanese-like table with another person sitting across from her. He is a Crusader Knight and he will be introducing some ideas about the Prime Mobile. This is an important topic because the Emperor shares many of the same traits as the deity that the Knight discusses.

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