Monday, September 11, 2006

Change to Page Nav

I added pages four and five to the site last night. I also redid the navigation a bit for the story. Before I had the words Previous and Next listed predominately on either side of the list of page numbers. Since the list of numbers was mostly empty this early in the story, the Previous/Next seemed to just hang there. To make things look a little crisper, I removed them and simply added a <> sign next to the actual page number (for whatever page you happened to be on).

By the way, I got my new Dell and I spent Friday moving my files over from my old computer. As for the new computer and Poser, I think scenes load faster, but I don’t think the increased RAM has increased the speed of rendering much. Perhaps I shouldn’t have expected that, but it would’ve been nice. On the other hand, I now have lots and lots of space (250 Gig worth) to save my files! ;-)

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