Friday, October 07, 2005

Chapter 8 Begins!

I started on page 1 of chapter 8 last night. I had already done the prep work on Tue and Wed, mostly getting the set ready, including the title character Smitty Gurkin. By the way, Smitty got his name from a wrong number my wife received many months ago. Someone called and asked for a guy named Smitty and with a last name that sounded a bit like Gherkin. Anyway, after modifying the spelling, I though it would be a fun name for a “colorful” character which is how I would describe my Smitty Gurkin (ie: a foul-mouth Gordian).

Anyway, I got the renders done last night for the first page and started some of the post work. I’m layering in some additional foliage since Prill is a jungle planet and I want it to look as lush as possilbe. I’ve also included a companion robot named Squirt (instead of Quirk, which is what I mentioned in a previous post). The ironic thing is that Smitty himself is short, so he likes having a robot that’s even shorter.

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